Mixing Colours: Paint White

How to paint the colour white?

Mixing Colours: Paint white Painting a white subject, like a white rose, other white flowers or a white dress is always challenging and makes the most FUN in watercolor. But which colours are the best to paint white and to describe a flower…

Three Roses

I have worked more on Roses in the past week and although I have posted them in my Rosesblog I have decided to show them also here on my mainblog. The first one is the newest Rose painting. The colour is a bit difficult to describe. It…

Small Paintings of Roses in watercolor

I think it is my Rose week. I have finished two small paintings of roses, both are in size 6x6 inch (15x15 cm). The yellow Rose is painted on hotpressed Arches watercolor paper and the white Rose on Crescent Watercolor Board. Both surfaces…