What inspires you? From where do you get your inspiration for your paintings?

Here is all still covered with snow. Winter has us in his arms since weeks. I do like snow but I like it more when the snow is bathed in sunshine. Sunshine is very important for my art – my  heart begins to sing when I see my favorite subjects bathed in sunshine.

This brings me to the question:

What inspires YOU?

What is it that makes you want to paint or to be creative?

One of my favorite subjects are roses. I rarely do buy a bunch of roses and today it was my 9 year old daughter’s wish to buy this bunch of yellow roses. “They smell so wonderful”, she said and we bought another bunch for her grandma.

I prefer to see roses in gardens when the sun is shining on them, when they create wonderful shadows, when they start with a small bud to a full bloom and change their colour within this growth. When some of my favorite roses start to bloom I am each day in my garden and make photos, photos, photos.  And I can’t wait to pick up my brush.

What inspires you?

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