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Pratique des Arts – French Watercolor Magazine has published my pink tulips flower painting

Exciting News again!

My pink tulip painting  in watercolor “Frühlingsboten” (Signs of Spring) is published in the french art magazine “Pratique des Arts”. This magazine is similar to the US Artists Magazine and full of info.

Although I speak only a few french words  it is wonderful to look through this magazine and to see all the wonderful art displayed.

Enjoying a cup of tea and reading through the magazine. What can make more fun?

They made an article about flower artists of the world and I feel very honored that they included my work. I was excited to see that my painting was not only displayed on Page 10, they also used it in their list of contents. How cool!

Copyright: Pratique des Arts

And here you can see my pink tulip Flower Watercolor painting again:

“Frühlingsboten” – Watercolor Painting by Doris Joa

The Original is sold – but fine art prints of this tulips are available. More information are on my fine art print page.

Does this happen to you, too?

You are just leaving the room for a short moment – a really short moment – you come back and what do you find on your chair?


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