Rhododendrons and Poppies at The National Garden Show in Koblenz 2011 (Bundesgartenschau)

Some weeks ago we visited the Bundesgartenschau 2011 in Koblenz (The National Garden Show Koblenz 2011). This is a very big event and this year not far away from where we live.

And when you are for a visit in Germany so please take the time to visit the National Garden Show. You’ll never forget it.

While visiting this Show you are able to see a lot of flowers which you usually do not get to see and I was mainly hoping for some roses. But unfortunately it was too early for the roses to be in full bloom, many many buds already were to see, but they still were closed.

© Doris Joa

But there were fields filled with poppies in different colours and in one garden we saw amazing kinds of Rhododendrons.

© Doris Joa

Just wanted to share some pics with you. Hope you enjoy to see the Poppies and the Rhododendrons. I am just sure that some of them will make wonderful watercolor paintings. We will see!

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